About Blitter Social Network
Blitter is a pro-black social network, made for the culture, by the culture. You can post text/photos/videos/voicenotes . Join now to engage with the black community!


1- Blitter

*not associated with Twitter or Facebook*

Blitter is a black owned and operated social platform. Blitter does not condone racism, sexism, harassment, bots, or hate speech whatsoever. We do not sell your data and you are able to delete your account/information at any time after sign up. Users can post statuses(up to 640 characters), edit posts after posting, start groups, create pages, and decide who sees their posts. You can even post anonymously if you choose.

Brief History - The concept of Blitter was created in 2017 after our creator Patrick Francis was unverified and banned from Twitter for posting a direct message conversation between him and the @verified account on Twitter. In the DM, Patrick pitched ideas to Twitter such as filtered mentions(adding a filter such as ”Only People I follow”) and a few other ideas that Twitter eventually implemented. After Patrick pitched these ideas, Twitter responded by saying these ideas would not work. After Twitter implemented these ideas, Patrick posted the conversation on his Twitter account asking for a response from Twitter, they unverified his account with 150k+ followers, shadow banned his account so that is followers couldn’t see his tweets on their timeline, then eventually banned his account.

full story here - https://medium.com/@TrapPat/how-i-got-my-verified-twitter-account-banned-e6aa8911418c

Tweets proving he was unverified on Twitter https://twitter.com/search?q=trappat%20unverified&src=typed_query

During this time, his followers encouraged him to create his own social network and he realized that Twitter and other major social networks do not care about the black community. These major social networks ban black users for responding to racist tweets and even use their ideas without giving credit. Patrick realized there should be more social networks and startups that are ran by black people so that they cannot silence us at the click of a button after growing our followers for years.

In October 2017 - Blitter beta version 1 was released for iPhone only and trended on Twitter in the United States and United Kingdom multiple times. From October 2017-February 2018, Patrick realized the hardships in running a pro-black social network such as moderation(deleting racist trolls and handling the disputes with users) , raising money to pay for server bills, and hiring developers that are qualified to fix bugs and implement new designs/features. The events on Blitter during this time eventually led to Patrick not taking care of his mental health and having a manic episode which caused him to say regrettable things out of frustration.

Just to clear the rumors -
Blitter was never sold to Facebook.

Users could delete their accounts at any time(The instructions stated to enter your email/password to deactivate your account, some users failed to read the instructions and entered their username/password which caused an error.)

No data was sold at all. The Blitter app version 1 was not sophisticated enough to collect cookies and did not have an advertising platform to sell data to advertisers.

From February 2018-June 2018 , Patrick took a break in order to regain his mental health and his supporters encouraged him to release Blitter 2. Blitter users also called and emailed Apple asking for them to allow Blitter to be in the Apple app store. After numerous calls/emails from supporters, Apple allowed Blitter version 2 to be released in June 2018 with new features, new designs, and overall a greater experience.

From June 2018 to December 2018, Apple approved 8 updates for Blitter version 2 and Patrick did not make any of the same mistakes he made before. Once Patrick started marketing Blitter again in late 2018, a swarm of racist users joined attempting to ruin the user experience and reported the app to Apple which resulted in Blitter getting taken down from the App Store on December 21nd, 2018 with no clear explanation and was told to wait at least a year before releasing Blitter again.

Blitter 2020

After all of the recent events such as TikTok hiding/banning black users, the death of George Floyd, and the protests worldwide, former Blitter users reached out to Patrick in order to bring Blitter back so that we have a pro-black online platform in order to share our frustrations and concerns without big tech silencing us.

Plans for Blitter V3

- Create a Blitter online version at BlitterApp.com which cannot be banned from any app stores.

- Release the Android version of Blitter

- Form a team of moderators that will moderate the platform.

- Work with Apple on releasing Blitter V3 for iPhones so that our iPhone users can use the app instead of the web version.

- Build out new features/functions.

- Be 100% funded by our users from either donations or pro membership subscriptions.

If you would like to contact us email Contact@BlitterApp.com