Those adversaries are found on top of Slayer Tower in Morytania

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Kraken. Is much OSRS gold more powerful and larger version of Cave Kraken that can be found in Kraken Cove. This monster requires level 87 in Slayer ability with as well as the Slayer mission for Cave Krakens. Because this boss poses almost no danger to high level players and is rather easy both to access and to farm, we often use it to get wealthy. Among most notable drops you'll be able to find Kraken tentacle and Trident of the Seas which can be marketed for a couple hundred gold coins.

Cerberus. Is a level 318 boss which is a larger and tougher version of a typical hellhound. Slayer level of 91 is needed to fight this beast which resides deep within the Taverley Dungeon. The boss is known for the fall of magic crystals: ceaseless, pegasian and primordial that are utilized to update boots from all three battle styles into best-in-slot items. In addition to this Cerberus also drops Smoldering Stone that's used to update Dragon tools to Infernal tools (Axe, Pickaxe and so on).

Thermonuclear Smoke Devil. "Thermy" is a Slayer boss that's a bigger and harder version of Smoke Devil that resides one of his younger brothers in Smoke Devil Dungeon. He can only be attacked during a Smoke Devil activity and so requires level 93 from the Slayer skill. It is only monster which drops Smoke Battlestaff which is the most expensive among battlestaves. It also has a little opportunity to depart pet Smoke Devil. Yet another larger version of a normal monster is the Abyssal Sire that's the manager of Abyssal Demons. Players who have passed level 85 of the Slayer can challenge this one on a Slayer task that's solo-only. The easiest way to get there involves utilization of Fairy Ring code D.I.P. Inside Abyssal Nexus you will find four rooms where Sire can be scrapped with allowing multiple players to fight this enemy in precisely the same moment. The boss is well-known for falling abyssal items including Abyssal Whip and Abyssal Dagger which both are offered for few millions in Grand Exchange. Likewise to Dagannoth Kings - Grotesque Guardians are a pair of enemies known as Dusk and Dawn that are counted as a singular boss. Those adversaries are found on top of Slayer Tower in Morytania. To get their room, players will need to acquire a key beforehand. This thing could be redeemed only through Gargoyle which additionally allows for the fight with himself. Following the struggle guardians might leave granite things among which granite gloves and granite hammer are most valuable. On top of this there's also a cheap RuneScape gold 1/1000 chance of Black Tourmaline Core drop which can be sold for a couple of millions.