Invincible upgrade

I know! I won't! Lin Jinran pulled his hand out and said,shuttle rack system, "OK, let someone put medicine on your face quickly. Tut, the living Daniel Wu has become Yue Yunpeng." "Poof!" “……” 。


As for the process, it is just floating clouds! "Why betray me?" Munch Yan'er appeared surprisingly calm, not a trace of panic, on the contrary, at this time she was very calm, calm to the point that she kept asking herself why she trusted a person so much. For ten billion holy nuclei! Chapter 359, you are dead. The second chapter is delivered! ———— Holy core, holy world currency. It is the only standard to measure the value of the holy world. The holy core has rich power, which can be absorbed and practiced by practitioners. There are countless small planes under the holy world. Every day, countless people enter the holy world, the law of the jungle, the survival of the fittest, and many powerful saints who have just stepped into the Holy World are killed instantly. In addition to the great saint can burst out of the holy core, there are all kinds of fierce beasts, but the holy realm of the fierce beast is very strong, ordinary people simply do not want to hunt the fierce beast to obtain the crystal nucleus, compared to killing, hunting the fierce beast is much more difficult. The holy world is a world of killing, which is extremely cruel. Ten billion holy cores is an extremely large number, huge enough to make anyone move, even if it is a strong person in the realm of immortality. Ten billion holy cores? Meng Qiyan smiled at herself and said lightly, "I didn't expect my life to be worth only 10 billion yuan. Meng Qiyan is too stingy." 10 billion holy nuclear is still less? Too much to imagine, too much to buy a large metal life, 10 billion holy core is enough for an ordinary low-level saint to impact the realm of immortality,industrial racking systems, the number of 10 billion is too large, but from the mouth of Munch Yan'er, 10 billion seems so insignificant, just a very common number. Jiang Yan was startled and her eyes were stupefied. Then she stepped forward gently and said, "Indeed, for you, 10 billion holy cores are really not much, but for me,mobile racking systems, it is enough for me to do anything, so your life is very important to me." "No, it's very important." Jiang Yan's heavy revision just said, as long as there is this 10 billion holy core, it is easy to hit the realm of immortality in a hundred years. What if I pay 20 billion? It can be seen that Munch Yan'er has no idea about the 10 billion holy nucleus, and she doesn't care at all, but she knows that the 10 billion holy nucleus is a number that Jiang Yan can't refuse, and the temptation of this number is too great. Big enough that she can do anything for it. Twenty billion? The smile on Jiang Yan's face was even stronger, with a trace of contempt. He took two steps forward again and said after a pause, "If you had said 20 billion yuan a month ago, maybe I would have wavered. Although I am a killer, I am not rigid. I will work for whoever offers a high price. The price you offer is really attractive, but you can't take it out at all." Just because you can't take it out now doesn't mean you can't take it out later. When I get to Kunlun City. "Ha ha ha." Without waiting for Munch to finish, Jiang Yan laughed directly, looking at the delicate little face under the black veil, Jiang Yan shook her head gently. "You'll never get to Kunlun City," he said. "So you can't come up with 20 billion holy cores at all." Meng Qi Yan'er was slightly startled and frowned slightly. A month ago, push back racking system ,Teardrop Pallet Racking, he sneaked back to Kunlun from Liekong Mainland, thinking that as long as he returned to Kunlun City, she would be able to recapture everything that belonged to her, and then the end of Mengqi Dark God would come, but from Jiang Yan's words, she suddenly felt a fear. That kind of fear had been growing in her heart a month ago, but she didn't feel it with the protection of her uncle along the way. In fact, this month. The fear in my heart has been growing, so that it now completely occupies Munch's mind. Fear. It's just fear, and as the only daughter of the president of the Munch Chamber of Commerce, fear is perfectly normal for her. Munch Yan'er wanted to say something more, but she could not find any reason to convince Jiang Yan, as a killer working for money, the biggest temptation is more money. However, as Jiang Yan said, she can not return to Kunlun City, she is a pauper, not to mention 20 billion holy core, even two holy core she can not take out. All right, hand over the Munch coat of arms. The breath on Jiang Yan's body suddenly changed, locking Meng Qi Yan'er to death, absolutely not allowing any mistakes. Munch Yan'er frowned. His face turned pale and he said firmly, "I must hand over my coat of arms unless I die." Meng Qi coat of arms, Meng Qi business alliance supreme power control token, get it is equal to have the whole business alliance, Meng Qi business alliance is the largest business alliance in the whole holy world. It covers almost every corner of the holy world, and wherever there are people, there is the business of Mengqi Business Alliance. Hum Jiang Yan snorted coldly and said with a half-smile, "In that case, I'll tell you the truth. It's the same whether you hand it over or not. Although the Mengqi coat of arms is the power control token of the business alliance, as long as you die, the so-called coat of arms is just a piece of scrap iron. Since you don't want to hand it over, I won't force others to do it. Now you can go to die." The voice just fell, Jiang Yan waist sword suddenly hit out. Under the night sky, the cold light suddenly appeared. Surrounded by a murderous look, the low-level beast roared, trembling all over, not daring to approach. Jiang Yan's cultivation is not strong. But for Meng Qi Yan'er, it is like the existence of a super strong man, the mind is pressed to death, the spirit of the sea is unable to move, even the opportunity to sacrifice a magic weapon to protect oneself is not, of course, all of these are calculated by Jiang Yan. Jiuhua Mountain is sparsely populated, and no one can save her. At this moment, although Munch's heart is unwilling, but she seems to have been desperate. No one can save themselves. Is this my life?! Heart sank, slightly closed his eyes, waiting for the end of fate. Jiang Yan smiled faintly. She had killed countless people. She had never met anyone like Munch Yan'er. She knew she was defeated and did not resist at all. She thought it would be nice if all the targets she hunted in the future were like her. Since you are so obedient, I will keep your whole body. The voice is very light, but like a sharp arrow through the heart of Meng Qi Yan'er. Whoosh.. The sword in Jiang Yan's hand was an illusion in the air, piercing the void,wire mesh decking, and the strong power of the mighty saint clung to it, splitting it directly into the sea of Mengqi Yan'er's mind. This sword is not fast, but it is very powerful. Hum!!! "Clang!" 。