Incomplete gold and jade

For the rest of the time, we were no longer in the mood to watch the auction. After saying hello to the fat man, the three of us quietly stepped out of the auction house and walked towards the national battlefield.


w w w. xiao shuotxt. co m Chapter 9 Great Changes in the Wilderness Xiao _ Shuo txt Tian'tang Sun Qingyu, Down's brother and sister, Zhan Yifan and others watched Gu Zhuo Piao's back disappear, everyone could not help but have a worry in their hearts, silently turned around and walked out of the lane. Zhan Yifan unconsciously touched the sword behind him, but in an instant he saw a man leaning against the carriage in front of the two carriages he had come, and his eyes were looking at this side, as if he had been standing there for a long time. As soon as the figure was in the eye of a sail, his face suddenly changed. With an arrow, he jumped forward and snapped at the man, "Good friend, here we go again." He smiled coldly and said, "If my friend wants to teach me something, you might as well shout it out openly. Why do you hide like this? It's like you can't see people. My friend is not a rat who can't see the sky." As soon as Zhan Yifan's body moved, all the people's eyes could not help but follow him to fall on the man leaning in front of the car, and they could not help but give a cry of surprise, as if they were unexpected. The man leaning in front of the rickshaw turned out to be a young scribe in a green shirt whose whereabouts were so strange that people could not figure out where he had come from. Now he stood up lazily and said with a smile, "Strange, strange. Can't Xiaosheng come to the place where you can come?"? The real killer The real murderer. Although Xiaosheng doesn't dare to be a rat, you are somewhat like a busybody wild dog. This person in cursing, unexpectedly is also a smiling face,5 person hot tub, not angry color. The color on Zhan Yifan's face was extremely ugly. As soon as he left Sichuan, he met this man. At that time, he was sitting in a restaurant. After drinking, he probably said a few crazy words. From then on, Zhan Yifan secretly suffered a lot from this person along the way. If it weren't for the old and sophisticated Tang Hualong, Zhan Yifan would like to poke a transparent hole in this person. He was furious and said, "Well, well,jacuzzi bathtub manufacturers, I'm a wild dog, I'm a wild dog. Today, this wild dog wants to learn your tricks. I'd like to see what you've changed." In a fit of rage, he said, "I'm a wild dog." The boy laughed and said, "So you're a wild dog. Please excuse me. Although you're not talented, you're not so ridiculous as to bark at the dog. Goodbye, goodbye." With that, he turned to go. Zhan was not good at words. Now he was scolded by the young man. Seeing that he wanted to go, how could he let go? He took a big step forward with his left leg. He shouted: "It's not so easy for a good friend to escape. If you don't show two unique skills and call me Zhan, you will be convinced. My friend is not going to go back today." Sure enough, the young man stopped and turned around. Still smiling, he shook his head and said, "I didn't expect, jacuzzi manufacturers ,best whirlpool tub, I didn't expect, that you were a coquettish. I want to talk to you about quatrains, but I don't know if you like five-character quatrains."? Or seven-character quatrains ? According to the meaning of Xiaosheng. "It is the regulated verse that is far more rigorous than the quatrains that shows its power.". He shook his head and said this, and the onlookers almost laughed out loud. Sun Qingyu frowned slightly at the moment. It turned out that he, like Tang Hualong, saw that this young man who pretended to be crazy must have a background, and even a rare master. Zhan Yifan waited for him to finish, but he was so angry that his face turned purple. "Good boy," he shouted, "you still call me a coquettish man. I don't think you are a coquettish man. You look like a woman." He was so angry that he even said "earthy white", but the young man in the green shirt laughed so hard that even Sun Qingyu and others could not help laughing. It turned out that he had been practicing martial arts assiduously since childhood and had not read much, so he recognized the "poet" of "poet and poet" as two words with the same meaning as "poet and woman". Everyone laughed, and Zhan Yifan could not help but hang on to his face. Moreover, he had accumulated resentment. When he became angry from embarrassment, he shouted loudly, moved his body, and punched the boy with a whoosh. Although his "literary talent" is not high, his martial arts are really not weak. This action, the fist is like the wind, in anger, but still contains strength, which also hides the evil hand. The boy exclaimed, as if he had been frightened to stand unsteadily, and fell back askew, but cleverly dodged this move, so that the next move of Zhan Yifan could not be done. Sky Spirit Star Sun Qingyu and Smiling Face Chasing Soul almost all rushed forward at the same time and loudly advised: "Brother Zhan, there is still a big event tonight. Why are you so angry now? Hurry up and stop." But Zhan Yifan was already red-eyed with anger at this time. He could no longer listen to this sentence. He shouted, "Don't worry about Xiaoke's business. Today, even if I move out of the big sky, I will have a fight with this shameful rat generation." As he spoke, he rushed to hit him again. The young man in Tsing Yi made a frightened look and shouted, "It's terrible, it's terrible. He's going to kill someone." Staggering at his feet, the two fists that spread a sail as fast as the wind, were cleverly flashed by his staggering footwork. Sun Qingyu and Tang Hualong were anxious in the air, but they also had no alternative to the younger brother of the Cang School. At this time, of course, they saw that the young man in Tsing Yi who pretended to be crazy must have a unique skill. Suddenly, two men ran far away and shouted, "Who dares to make a noise and make trouble in front of the prime minister's mansion? Do you dare to feel itchy? Do you want to get a good beating?" Sun Qingyu looked back and saw that these two men were wearing brocade warrior clothes. He knew that they were the prime minister's family. At this time, it was a time of peace and prosperity. Although such a martial arts hero secretly ignored the government, But in the open also dare not offend the official face, not to mention to Lu in addition to he hurriedly loudly to drink to show a sail, one side catch up with and the two prime minister mansion servants said trap, again and again with not. In this case, Zhan Yifan had to stop resentfully, but his eyes were still staring at the young man in the green shirt,jacuzzi suppliers, as if he was afraid that he would take the opportunity to slip away. But they were still standing still with a smile. Although the two guards of the prime minister's mansion were full of Mandarin and their eyes were turned upside down, they were all bachelors who didn't rub a grain of sand in their eyes. Seeing the shape and dress of these characters, they didn't all know in their hearts that they were not easy to mess with.