Online Game-Dragon Slayer

For the rest of the time, we were no longer in the mood to watch the auction. After saying hello to the fat man, the three of us quietly stepped out of the auction house and walked towards the national battlefield.


Angel is stupefied, brows knit up again: "What opinion?" Think about what Qian Biao will do. According to his silent return today and his silent transfer of Xiao Qi, Qian Biao did not intend to cooperate with us-which means that even if he cooperates in the future, he will not tell us too many secrets before he formally becomes a group with him. "Not only are we not officially a group, but we can't fully cooperate with him at all!" The angel thought, with his hands on his chin, and the light of wisdom in his eyes. Oh "If you think about it, you are taking the bright route, while Qian Biao must be taking the shady route, although they are all making money.". However, the means of the underworld and the white way are much worse than him. I bet that as your contact with him deepens, you will control yourself not to cooperate with him deeply. Looking at the angel's affirmative expression, I felt for the first time that this boy also had such wisdom-great wisdom is like foolishness, is that a person like him? Yes, although I don't know what kind of means Qian Biao's killer organization will use to carry out, but. Either way. Are inevitably carried out in the dark. This is almost certain! "Well, what about according to you?"? Or rather. If you are Qian Biao. How will you cooperate with me? And then how to do business? Sitting down, I asked the angel carefully. How interesting The angel's face rose again. "Chief, isn't it hard for me?" "Go to hell!" Angrily,massage bathtub manufacturers, my staff knocked on his crossed legs and stirred up red blood lines. If I were Qian Biao, I would let you go-there is no more intuitive way than to directly ask for the manpower of the partner. Moreover, judging from his insistence on using his own gold coins in the auction, the same is true. "Let you make a senior assassin.". Or get you out for counseling. Or let you come out with the equipment-I bet. This equipment must also be borrowed! You can pay for anything, but you can't pay for it! "Why?" "Hey, no reason, because." The money is to clear the suspicion. Since you want to cooperate with him,jacuzzi swim spa, he must drag you into the water. Playing with the staff, the angel's eyes kept looking at the auction platform. I thought a little. I agree with the angel's words. After all, Qian Biao is not an industry-there are not many places where money is needed. Then, when I am Qian Biao, I want to set up a killer organization that everyone is afraid of ghosts and ghosts, then I will first make a name for myself and use employers who create something out of nothing to carry out a killing-this killing can be to destroy a small trade union, can be to destroy a master, such as you and me. "Now, everything depends on the advertising effect, if one after another the master is killed, then." Hey, hey! The angel stopped talking with a smirk, and I understood what he meant-exactly what I thought! First, make a momentum in the international arena-the target is naturally the assassination of famous people in the server rankings, endless pool factory ,endless pool swim spa, and then release the price, open the dock to receive orders.. With the chaos of the national battlefield and the complete merger of servers in the future.. Golden Avenue, man! With a slight sigh, I congratulated myself on my decision! I don't have a problem with assassinating someone else, but if I get someone close to my brother, I will really feel distressed-although the probability is not high, but I don't think Qian Biao's consciousness is as high as mine! But he said, do not help foreign servers to engage in their own servers, but did not say not to earn their own server players money ah! What if someone doesn't like Duguhao and throws one million and eight hundred thousand yuan to assassinate him? For another example, if someone doesn't like the brothers. Damn it! There are too many people who don't like us! How to deal with Qian Biao? So far, I am the only guild leader in China who has crossed paths with Qian Biao. Ah! It's really a headache! Just as I kept pacing up and down again, the door of the box was knocked open and the leaf figure appeared outside the door. Purple, they went backstage to help. Smiling into the box, the leaves did not wait for us to ask questions before telling the whereabouts of the purple clothes. After sitting down, the angel and I simply told the story of Qian Biao's appearance and our inference, and the leaf's expression became serious. For a moment, although the sound of auction and noise outside rose and fell one after another, our box fell silent. After a long time, the leaves raised their heads, their eyes shining with cold light! "If Qian Biao wants someone, I can go in. You and Angel have too big a goal." Wry smile, is your goal small? Wrath of the Snow God, Ice and Snow Suit.. The first player in China to collect professional suits.. "Actually, I think it's unnecessary for you to worry, boss. The headache should be Qian Biao, right?" The angel stood up and stretched himself. "Think about it, it's impossible for Qian Biao to really ask Xiao Qi to *** you."? If that's the case.. Hey, hey! "The question is, what if Qian Biao receives such an order?" "Salad!"! You didn't answer it. Why do you care so much? The angel gave me a white look and looked at me with an expression similar to that of an idiot. "It was a mistake for Qian Biao to appear last time. As a person who is ready to engage in a dark profession, he will definitely have an accident when he sees the light.." Angel's words, let me be enlightened-yes, what does it matter to me that Qian Biao received the task of killing his brother? Headache is also his headache, refusal is also his refusal. Moreover, just now he also promised that the brothers can participate, it is impossible to take the list of assassinating shareholders, right? "But.." Will this expose Ziji's relationship with him? The beautiful face of the leaf is full of worry. Who cares, if you want to make a lot of money, you have to lick blood at the edge of a knife! The angel rubbed his hands, his face full of excitement and disdain, "even if we know that we cooperate with Qian Biao, so what?"? So what if we start a killer group? As long as the virtual network law does not stipulate that this is a crime, then we will do it! It's money anyway! Glancing at the angel, I said leisurely,endless swimming pool, "Are you playing with the heartbeat?" For the rest of the time, we were no longer in the mood to watch the auction. After saying hello to the fat man, the three of us quietly stepped out of the auction house and walked towards the national battlefield.