The white moonlight stand-in, she went viral.

"Lin,Stainless Steel Welded Pipe, Ann, Ann." Lu Zheng snorted coldly and motioned for her to continue, completely unaware of the appearance. Joann: "…" This dog man is pretending to be confused.


Joann stood in the room with a tipsy look on his face and said angrily, "Come on, what do you want to do?"? Not to say hidden marriage, for no reason to make trouble on my show, what is the meaning? …… There is no light in the room. There was silence in the room after Joanne scolded her angrily. A few seconds later, Lu Zheng turned on the room light. The room, which had been dark, was suddenly filled with light. Only then did Joanne realize that the old man, who had been pulled up by her momentary annoyance, was leaning against the door and looking at her with a faint gaze. Joann.. Lu Zheng raised his eyes and his cold voice was low. "Are you in love with that little wolf dog?" Chapter 20 Joann was stunned and winked. "How did you know he was confessing his love to me?" Lu Zheng's face sank. It turned out that he had expressed his love. Joann: … It was the little wolf dog that moved its mouth first, and it had nothing to do with her. Lu Zheng lowered his eyes for a moment and looked at her again. His voice was calm and indescribably indifferent. "What are you going to do next?". Announce a relationship and divorce with 300 million yuan? Joanne is almost sober now. Where did she get the 300 million divorce. Joanne: "It's him. It's not me. I didn't promise anything." A dog man can't blackmail her. Lu Zheng's deep eyes were fixed on Joann's face, as if assessing the truth of her words. But that's not what you said last time at the airport. You said you liked a little wolf dog like him. Joann: "…" Yeah, she did? No way! Joann thought a little and recalled the last time she met Lu Zheng and Yi Chenguang at the airport. At that time, she introduced Yi Chenguang to Lu Zheng as her gossip boyfriend. Lu Zheng, an old man, said that he didn't have to report to him about his work. After Yi Chenguang left,304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel, Lu Zheng asked her if the divorce was related to Yi Chengguang. How did she answer at that time? Oh yes, she deliberately said at that time that she thought Yi Chenguang's type of little wolf dog was cuter than his old man. And hyping gossip is theoretically a matter of work, and she doesn't need to report to him. That's taking his words against him. Could it be that Lu Zheng did not ask again at that time, but took it seriously? Joann suddenly felt that he suddenly appeared today, in fact, he wanted to come to the show to catch her. Miss Qiao is not happy,Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe, and she has to fight back. She leaned over to meet Lu Zheng's cold eyes, bent down, raised her chin, and put a pair of beautiful eyes on his quiet dark eyes. Joann fanned his thick eyelashes and asked, "Lu Zheng, you're not jealous, are you?" Lu Zheng's cold expression sank slightly, frowning, "you think too much." Well, she knows.. The dog man has Lin Anan in his heart, and marrying her is just marrying a white moonlight stand-in. He will be jealous to have a ghost. But she couldn't let him block the door with her unwarranted scandal with Yi Chenguang. Joanne: If you're not jealous, 304 Stainless Steel Sheet ,Stainless Steel Industrial Sheet, why did you send someone to my show? Lu Zheng's deep voice had a hint of imperceptible hoarseness: "It was the old lady who saw you eating frozen food on the live broadcast, so she asked someone to send you food.." I happen to be here, by the way. Oh, by the way. Joann straightened up and nodded, accepting the statement. However, she can also give him a stab in the heart. Joanne smiled, and the slightly upturned corners of her lips made her whole face look more beautiful. Those smiling eyes, full of waves, looked at Lu Zheng. Would you believe me if I told you that the little wolf dog and I didn't have that kind of relationship at all? Lu Zheng's deep eyes sank slightly and he said in a cold voice, "What kind of relationship do you have? It has nothing to do with me.". Just remember, as long as you don't get divorced, you are Mrs. Lu. "Don't do anything beneath Mrs. Lu." Joann nodded. But the next moment, he suddenly slanted his head and asked Lu Zheng, "Does it really have nothing to do with you?"? You don't want to know at all?? She did not take Lu Zheng's cold face seriously at all, and even suddenly had a bad heart. With a calm face, Lu Zheng said. Unthink Joanne drawled, "Oh." Lu Zheng: "But.." If you have to say it, I can't listen to it. His face was calm and his voice was cold. Joanne smiled and leaned over to take Lu Zheng's arm and said coquettishly, "Husband.." You don't know how your weak, helpless and poor Mrs. Lu is bullied outside. Yi Chenguang, ah, that little wolf dog is not really like me, he just deliberately with me to stir up gossip, want to pit me! Lu Zheng did not know much about the entertainment industry, but also called Wu Cheng to investigate before, only to know that Qiao An and the little star named Yi Chenguang were spreading gossip. He lowered his eyes and his cold eyes swept over her face. What's in it for him to have an affair with you? Obviously, he didn't believe Joann's words. Joanne slanted her head and thought, "Maybe I'm young, beautiful and lovely." Lu Zheng pulled out her encircled arm with an expressionless face. Joann: All right.. It's because.. He likes a female star named Lin Anan. Joann deliberately mentioned his darling Lin Anan in front of Lu Zheng. Lu Zheng wants to catch her and Yi Chenguang's scandal, why not reflect on his heart living in a white moonlight. If she dares to frighten her, she dares to give him a hard time. In order to cover up the real scandal between him and Lin Anan, Yi Chenguang deliberately dragged me into the water. Do you think he is very bad? Who knows, when Lu Zheng heard her words, he didn't even lift his eyelids. With a cold face, Lu Zheng asked, "Is the scandal between him and others related to you?" Joanne choked for a moment. She took a breath and said tentatively, "How could it have nothing to do with me? That's Lin Anan." Lu Zheng frowned more tightly. "Who?" Joann opened her red lips lightly and repeated slowly: "Lin,Stainless Steel Welded Pipe, Ann, Ann." Lu Zheng snorted coldly and motioned for her to continue, completely unaware of the appearance. Joann: "…" This dog man is pretending to be confused.