Earth Online by Mo Chenhuan

They each put the dice into their socks and prepared for a duel. At that moment, Tang Mo laughed and attracted the attention of two people.


They each put the dice into their socks and prepared for a duel. At that moment, Tang Mo laughed and attracted the attention of two people. Tang Mo looked at Bai Ruoyao: "Are you going to give him the dice?" Bai Ruoyao looked at Tang Mo and slowly opened the corners of his mouth: "Tang Tang, what did you say? Why can't I understand?" Tang Mo: "I say, you plan to release water intentionally this round, give the dice to Ning Zheng." "Tang Tang, you wronged me. Why should I let the dice?" The baby-faced young man pretended to hold his heart and said sadly, "I am so selfless in your heart.". I should give you the dice if I want to. What do I have to do with you? Tang Mo: What is your relationship with me? I don't know. But obviously, your relationship is not very simple. After a pause, Tang Mo turned to look at Ning Zheng and said four words: "." You're not going? Ning Zheng brushed his face black. Tang Mo smiled: "When did you hook up? When you visited the candy house …" Or earlier? Bai Ruoyao narrowed his eyes at Tang Mo, and after a moment, he burst out laughing. Hee hee, guess? If you guess right, I'll give you the dice of 6 points. Chapter 191 Neurological patients have a wide range of thinking, and mentally retarded children have a lot of joy. Tang Mo did not respond to his words, the baby-faced youth said again, the tone is sincere: "Tang Tang, guess I really give you the dice." There was a big smile on his white and tender face,temperature scanning kiosks, which was very dazzling. At the beginning, I was wondering why Ning Zheng would come to participate in this game. Tang Mo looked at Bai Ruoyao and Ning Zheng in the grid, and his voice was calm: "Those who can participate in this game must be players who have got Christmas branches.". Survivors and returnees have just experienced a big war, and most players will not rush into such a dangerous game, so those who can come in must be the best of the players. Again, should also pass the second floor of the Black Tower, or have great confidence in their own strength. Bai Ruoyao narrowed his eyes with a smile: "Go on." Tang Mo: Whether they are official players,digital whiteboard price, reservists or stowaways, their common enemy is the returnee. Returnees are in great danger in this instance. But Black Tower says there are three returnees in the game. Not to mention the reasons why the other two entered the game, Ning Zheng. The voice stopped, Tang Mo looked at the young man on one side, Ning Zheng looked at him in silence. "Ning Zheng is a very cautious person. Even if there is only a 30% chance of threatening his life, he will not participate," he continued. So in the dodgeball chaos, Mingming Ning Zheng has a chance to get back his apple and even open Eve's reward. After leaving the elevated road, he chose to turn away without looking back and give up the reward directly. Tang Mo: "At first I just felt strange, then it happened that you, me and Ning Zheng were assigned to the same group.". With your character, even if you don't know Ning Zheng at all, digital signage kiosk ,information kiosk price, you will deliberately provoke him. But just now you talked to me and two other players and consciously avoided Ning Zheng, so I judged that you knew each other long ago. Bai Ruoyao looked at Tang Mo with a smile, did not say a word, but careful observation will find that the radian of the corners of his mouth more up a few minutes, seems to have been guessed in the mind. Tang Mo touched the 6-point dice in his hand: "Before the game started, you found him and joined hands with him.". The means are nothing more than coercion and inducement. Tang Mo thought for a long time and raised his head: "You are very strong, but Ning Zheng is a returnee on the time list. He has participated in many more games than you. You will not have anything to tempt him.". Luring is impossible, so it's.. Bullying? What have you got on him, Bai Ruoyao? "Pa, pa, pa-" In the center of the lattice, the baby-faced young man was not stingy with his applause. Tang Tang, you know me so well that I almost thought you had a crush on me. But you also understand Ning Zheng. You are really a playboy. Bai Ruoyao frowned. "What should I do? I'm going to give you the dice?" Tang Mo is noncommittal, he is not short of 6 points of dice, and Bai Ruoyao's words, even a punctuation mark can not be believed. Sure enough, the next second, the baby-faced young man raised his hand: "But what a pity, Tang Tang, I also want to give you the dice, but I don't have the dice of 6 points now.". Then he turned to Santa Claus. "I give up." Santa Claus listened to Tang Mo's conversation with relish. He seemed to have guessed something. He said helplessly, "Oh, children, how can you be so kind? You don't want to fight with your companions. Every duel ends before it starts.". Well, Santa likes a good, honest kid. Take your dice. Bai Ruoyao grinned and took away the lucky dice of 1 point from his sock. When Tang Mo guessed correctly, he gave the dice of 6 points to Tang Mo. But unfortunately, he has no dice for 6 points, of course, it is impossible to conjure up another dice for Tang Mo. Bai Ruoyao walked back to his original position and winked at Tang Mo. Tang Mo turned a blind eye. He calmly looked at Ning Zheng in the center of the grid and watched the other side jump back to the starting point and end his game. Tang Tang? Tang Mo did not pay attention to Bai Ruoyao, his fingers gently rubbed the small lucky dice, the brain quickly running up. What do Bai Ruoyao and Ning Zheng want to do? If it is other multiplayer games, these two people can really join hands to pose a threat to Tang Mo. But apparently, the game of Santa Claus prohibits violence on the surface, and their only chance is the duel stage in the sixth square. The first time Bai Ruoyao triggered a duel, he did not choose Tang Mo, but chose a young woman. Now he specially changed the dice to Ning Zheng and took 1 point of the dice himself. What is his purpose? What's in it for them. In a game where the killer must die (punished by Santa Claus), how do these two people who are afraid of death plan to deal with him? Tang Mo's heart gushed out a sense of foreboding. Super-intelligent thinking made him smell something wrong, but his logic could not understand what was going on in the neuropathy's mind,smart interactive whiteboard, nor could it be substituted for conversion. He closed his eyes and breathed a long sigh of relief. Tang Mo shook his head with a sneer. The way to deal with neuropathy is to ignore him and not treat him as a person. Anyway, when the time comes, the other side's plot will be revealed.