Acura Miraculous Doctor (Riverside)

"Ask yourself what's in your heart," said Li Zhishou indifferently. Lei Feng got up with difficulty and walked to Li Zhishou's eyes. The two men looked at each other as if they wanted to suppress each other with the most powerful eyes, but they were equally matched.


"Ask yourself what's in your heart," said Li Zhishou indifferently. Lei Feng got up with difficulty and walked to Li Zhishou's eyes. The two men looked at each other as if they wanted to suppress each other with the most powerful eyes, but they were equally matched. Both of them had invincible will and ruthless suppression. I agree Lei Feng suddenly said, let everyone change color, even the divination mother-in-law showed a look of displeasure, "but I will choose the place and time." Li Zhishou nodded and said, "As long as there are peach blossoms, I don't have any opinions." "Shameless!" The third young master scolded, "Take advantage of, even want to choose a place, be a man like you, go back to eat shit.". I'm the first one to look down on you. What do you know? I think you're an idiot. Li Zhishou completely ignored the roar of the third young master, looking at Lei Feng's firm eyes, but with a trace of appreciation, said: "The tomb of heaven, you enjoy it.". I will go back to the South China Sea and wait for your news. If you don't die, I will kill you with the real sword of Xuanming. "The world's five magic weapons, Xuanming Sword has been ranked under the five elements of the golden needle, it is time to rewrite.". I hope you can control the golden needle of the five elements that day. Li Zhishou then turned away and disappeared at the end of the road. Looking at the back of the departure, Lei Feng quietly looked at the sky, do not know what to think, but the face is calm, eyes more firm. The third young master ran over and scolded, "Lei Feng, you are an idiot.". Li Zhishou's mother is a monster, if he holds the real sword of Xuanming,empty cosmetic tubes, the sage will have to work hard to deal with him. Do you understand? Have you been kicked in the head by a donkey? Lei Feng smiled and shook his head. He looked at the anxious third young master and said, "You don't understand." The third young master sighed, looked at the divination mother-in-law, and shouted, "I said, elder sister, you are so powerful. Just slap Li Zhishou to death, and the whole contest.". Isn't this looking for smoke? You Divination mother-in-law turned her head, three young masters all over a shock,cosmetic plastic tube, in the calm and powerful eyes, unexpectedly closed his mouth, divination mother-in-law's aura is too strong, ordinary people can only be shocked. Want to say something, but the third young master can not say, can only pout, like an angry child. Lei Feng bowed respectfully to her divination mother-in-law and said, "Thank you very much today.". I can't repay you. If you need me later, just let me know. Immediately, Lei Feng left. The third young master still wanted to shout, but the divination mother-in-law said, "If you don't want to lose your tongue, shut up.". Lei Feng's own choice, you are not qualified to interrupt. But the third young master had a hot temper, which was related to Lei Feng's life and death. He said angrily, "Li Zhishou is so powerful, and the sword of Xuanming is so powerful. Even you are afraid of both.". Lei Fengcai Dan Jin Realm is a piece of garbage for the realm of Chop Tao. How to fight now? This is a pure death wish. "Shut up!" Divination mother-in-law suddenly roared, very powerful, plastic laminated tube ,cosmetic tube packaging, the clouds in the sky because of her later, suddenly shock, endless spread out, rumbling, layers of clouds into a regular array. Do you know Lei Feng? The divination mother-in-law said coldly. Three young master immediately shut up, to tell the truth, he really does not understand Lei Feng, although defeated by Lei Feng, convinced, but these days of contact, but also in the communication stage, because he can not see through Lei Feng's ideas, no one can see through Lei Feng. When the divination mother-in-law asked this sentence, the third young master knew that he had made a serious mistake and listened dejectedly to the divination mother-in-law's reprimand. None of you understand the situation. If I can make a move, the one in the South China Sea can also make a move. Don't think that Hell Gate is a soft egg and easy to pinch. Do you think the gate of hell is behind Cihang Jingzhai just by chance? The divination mother-in-law looked at the third young master angrily and scolded him, "Go back and read a good book. Ask the old man how powerful the Hell Gate was in those days. You can't compare with the flattery of the Four Valleys and Three Pavilions.". Do you think that after all these years of silence at Hell's Gate, the Valley of the Spirits and Piaomiao Peak will come to the fore? "Go back and ask your master. If you still remember that you didn't set foot on Peach Blossom Island alone, when the civil war broke out, the world was not plunged into misery!" Do you think it's normal for the peach blossoms on Peach Blossom Island to wither? There are no peach blossoms for decades, and they don't want to grow again. Peach blossom is the symbol of Hell Gate, a thing that does not know whether it is alive or dead, but also wants to clamor for Hell Gate. Divination mother-in-law looked at the sky, the tone restored calm, said: "This is the fate of the confrontation, has long been doomed.". The competition for the ranking of the world's top five magic soldiers has finally continued again. South and three young master heart shock, unexpectedly don't know this kind of secret, these years, other holy places are very active, the most low-key is the hell door, with other holy places strong, thought the hell door is the same as himself, but after the divination mother-in-law reminded, just remember, every time mentioned the hell door, the elders in the holy land are so silent, because strong enough, That's why you don't need to show. The power of Hell Gate is far beyond imagination, and there may be a second saint! Once there are two saints in the Holy Land, the Holy Land will be detached and truly holy, because no force in the world dares to oppose two saints at the same time. Zhongnan and three young masters have not yet recovered from the shock, and heard another secret, that year the man went to the gate of hell, cut down the peach blossom of Peach Blossom Island, this is how domineering! How imposing it is to be unable to grow peach blossoms for decades! Who is that man? He seemed to have guessed something, but the third young master couldn't help asking, "Who was that man?" Asked, the third young master felt bitter mouth, there is a kind of feeling to cry, because this culture, feeling too bad pen, oneself is a big bad pen. "Master of the Golden Needle of the Five Elements," said the divining mother-in-law calmly. Boom! Even with the preparation, but to hear the divination mother-in-law's answer, Zhong Nan and the third young master's careful liver beating wildly, this is not the general news, this is the super Niubi news. Master of the Five Elements Golden Needle! The most legendary name in the world,custom cosmetic packing, few people know his name, because the name is not important, the five elements of the golden needle is his pronoun.