5 Best Museums in Amsterdam

Amsterdam's Hotels are very expensive, and prices increase throughout the year when
Many tourists come to stay during the summer season. Many locals also prefer to visit
Amsterdam and other big cities during holidays so it can be difficult to find accommodation
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Amsterdam is a beautiful city full of art, culture, and history. It's also one that many people

visit to explore its museums. Whether you want to take in Dutch masters at the Rijksmuseum

or get an introspective look at how society has changed over time at the Frans Hals

Museum, these are five of Amsterdam's best museums for those who can't afford queues

and long waits to get in.




The Rijksmuseum is one of the most impressive museums in Amsterdam. It's also a

world-renowned museum for classic Dutch oil paintings, including those of Rembrandt, Jan

Steen, Frans Hals, and many others. The museum is new – it only reopened its doors in

2013 after a ten-year restoration – so those looking for museums with shorter lines can look

here. You'll still have to get up early to avoid queues like the plague! However, you'll be able

to beat crowds by reserving tickets online now that the entrance has been moved from

Keizersgracht to Nieuwmarkt.


Van Gogh Museum


This is one of the best museums in Amsterdam for seeing some of Van Gogh's most famous

paintings. While this museum is also a great choice for anyone visiting Amsterdam

interested in learning more about this famous artist, it has to be said that it's one of the most

popular museums in Amsterdam. That being said, those looking for a museum with shorter

lines should consider opting for the Van Gogh Museum instead. Make sure you have to book

your Van Gogh Museum Tickets online. When you arrive, you'll have to line up outside the

museum. However, once inside, the museum has just five rooms and doesn't take long to

see. This is a nice way to see one of Van Gogh's early pieces in Amsterdam without waiting

too long. Those who love art or history can't go wrong by visiting this museum.

Amsterdam is in the peak season from April to October.

Most Amsterdam hotels require that guests have a valid credit card upon check-in. A valid ID

will also generally be requested.


Stedelijk Museum


The Stedelijk Museum is one of the most popular museums in Amsterdam. This museum is

one of the few with a permanent collection, making it a great place to go if you're on a tight

schedule. This museum has some interesting, new additions as well – including an artist's

studio and an architectural center – that allow you to see how artists live and work in the city

today, even if you're not an art fan. The museum is spread over three sites and holds a

collection of almost 250,000 pieces. The biggest of those is the main building on the

Museumplein, which contains the modern art, fashion, and design collection.


Frans Hals Museum


The Frans Hals Museum has a lot to offer art lovers in Amsterdam. It's one of the best

museums for seeing work from one particular artist. In this case, it's Frans Hals himself, a

painter from the sixteenth-century Netherlands. The Frans Hals Museum is located in a

former almshouse, which gives it extra character. It's also situated on the Prinsengracht,

which makes it a popular stop for tourists exploring the city.


While there aren't many items in the Frans Hals Museum compared to others – there are

only about three hundred pieces – the quality is high. The museum is quite small and easy to

explore within a few hours. This makes it an excellent option for those who want to see some

of the best artwork from this era without having to wait too long or pay for an arm and a leg

for entry. The museum is also a great choice for those who fear long lines – the only thing is

that there are no tickets for the museum itself. It's a museum day pass, which allows you to

see six museums across Amsterdam on the same day.


Rembrandt House Museum


The Rembrandt House Museum is located in Amsterdam's red-light district. That's right; this

museum is located in one of the infamous "red light" districts – even though this area has

had much attention over the past few years with new development totaling nearly 300 luxury

flats and apartments. While the area may be a bit seedy, there is no denying the outstanding

collection of art housed in this small museum. This museum has one of the biggest

collections of Rembrandt's work in all of The Netherlands. While many of his paintings are at

the Rijksmuseum or Stedelijk Museum, it's still worth visiting this museum if you're interested

only in seeing his work and not really in seeing more famous artists like Vermeer or Van



Museum Boymans


This museum is located on Amsterdam's IJburg island. This museum is a good choice to

visit only if you want to see the beautiful architecture and waterways of Amsterdam. It's also

a good choice if you don't have time to waste and want to get in as quickly as possible. This

The museum, built in 1628, features amazing architecture and is open for visitors all year round.

There are also some beautiful rooms inside this museum that give visitors a great idea of

what the house would have looked like at the time it was built. While there are no tickets

available for admission, those planning on visiting this museum should keep in mind that it's

one of the more expensive museums to visit in Amsterdam. However, if you're looking for a

a quiet and unique museum in the city, this is one to consider.

Amsterdam's Hotels are very expensive, and prices increase throughout the year when

Many tourists come to stay during the summer season. Many locals also prefer to visit

Amsterdam and other big cities during holidays so it can be difficult to find accommodation

during this period. If you are looking for cheaper accommodation, it is best to look on sites

such as Airbnb, which advertises rental properties to tourists and hosts throughout Europe,

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When visiting Amsterdam for a vacation or a business trip, it is important to have an idea of

the best attractions the city has to offer. The reason it's helpful for you to have an idea about

The top attractions in Amsterdam are that this way, it will not be hard on your budget. If you are

worried about spending too much on your vacation, then perhaps visiting just these

museums will help reduce your costs. It's also ideal because they are all within walking

distance of each other, so it will not be hard on your feet or tiring to get from one place to



These museums allow you to see some of the best pieces of art, history, and culture that

Amsterdam offers. It's important to note, however, that these are just five out of the more

than eighty museums in the city. If you have time and want to see even more museums in

Amsterdam, plan your trip accordingly. This will ensure that all of your vacation needs are

taken care of, as well as give you a chance to have fun and explore the city.

Amsterdam is a popular port of call for cruising ships, with most offering cruises on various

routes around Europe. There are four main cruise terminals in Amsterdam: the Amsterdam

Cruise Center on Dam Square, the Europa Park near Kinkerstraat, Sloterdijk, and

Zeeburg-Noord. Most cruises stop in Amsterdam to allow passengers to go ashore and

spend some time seeing famous sights like Kloveniersburgwal and the Anne Frank House.