9 Cultural Travel Experiences You Need To Do In Your Life

After you watch your favorite show, head to their website to find out when they are heading
on tour! They might be coming near you, or they might be in a city where you've always
wanted to visit.


After you watch your favorite show, head to their website to find out when they are heading

on tour! They might be coming near you, or they might be in a city where you've always

wanted to visit.


For those who love traveling, it can be hard to find new places we haven't seen before. But

worry not — we have compiled the top 9 cultural travel experiences that everyone needs to

do at least once in their life. From learning about African culture with a safari in Tanzania,

exploring the ancient history and art at the Louvre Museum Paris, or sampling authentic local

cuisine on the streets of Naples, these destinations provide something for everyone. What's

Moreover, these experiences are all incredibly affordable for most budgets. That's right; you can

get a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Paris, Tuscany and the Amalfi coast simultaneously.


1) Tanzania Safaris (Madagascar Safari)


The beauty of the Serengeti Plains in Tanzania has long been captured on film by

filmmakers like Steven Spielberg and countless other adventurers. But you don't have to go

on an expensive safari to see this captivating landscape. Instead, take advantage of

affordable safaris that provide exclusive access to animals like zebras and giraffes.


2) Four Days in Paris


If you've never been to Paris, where should you go first? Start at the Louvre Museum,

which houses priceless artworks like Monet and Van Gogh. If that's not enough to impress

you, go on to explore the Cathedral of Notre Dame while the sun sets. Afterwards, discover

authentic French street food! A trip to the Eiffel Tower is also unforgettable, especially in

clear weather when you can view the city and river for miles.


3) Amalfi Coast Tour


Join an intimate group for a tour of the dramatic Amalfi Coast, where you'll enjoy great views

of the sea and the natural beauty of this UNESCO World Heritage Site. You'll end your day

with a relaxing swim in the clear blue water and a completely stunning sunset as you head

back to your hotel.


4) Backpacking in Rome Florence


The food and shopping in Rome are not to be missed. Start at the Colosseum (if you don't

know what that is, you need to book a trip immediately!). Then take a stroll down Via del

Corso, where you'll see plenty of boutiques and restaurants. Finish your night off with a

delicious dinner. And trust us, we always like to end the evening with a walk through Piazza

Navona. Duomo Florence is one of the most beautiful buildings in the world and one of the

most visited places in Florence. It is a must-see for anyone visiting this beautiful city.

However, to see the Duomo, you need tickets. To save time and money, we have put

together a list of the best places to get tickets for the Duomo: websites, companies selling

tickets and individuals selling tickets on sites.


5) Greek Islands Tour


If you want to appreciate the beauty of Greece, then you must visit the Greek Islands. You

can take a tour and enjoy beaches, food, and historic sites. One of the most fun tours is our

3-hour tour around Mykonos Island in Greece. These tours provide an intimate look at some

parts of Greece unavailable on many other tours.


6) Explore Spain and Portugal


In Spain and Portugal, there are plenty of gorgeous sights to see. There's the Alhambra

Palace in Granada — a UNESCO World Heritage Site and UNESCO World Heritage Site for

its unique architecture built in the 14th century that earned it the nickname "the Jewel of

Andalusia". Sagrada Família is a truly remarkable piece of architecture you won't miss out

in Barcelona. The combination of incredible architecture and ruggedly beautiful

landscapes will leave you with a lasting impression. The beaches of Spain, the wine tastings

in Portugal, and the vibrant nightlife are sure to keep you entertained.


7) Dubai Shopping Tour


Dubai is a shopping paradise, with many of the world's top brands represented in the city.

The Dubai Shopping Festival caters to all your needs with amazing discounts and special

offers. You can get luxury electronic goods at a fraction of their usual price, or even get your

very own Rolex watch at a quarter of its usual cost! There's also plenty of duty-free shopping

to be done, as well as delicious food and great entertainment.


8) Grand Canyon Tour, U.S.


The Grand Canyon is an iconic landmark in the United States, a landlocked feature of the

Colorado Plateau. It was formed by erosion by the Colorado River over tens of millions of

years and is home to some remarkable natural formations, including winding sandstone

elevations, spectacularly exposed rock layers and sides that range from 6,000 to 8,000 feet

(1.8-2.4 km) deep. Start your adventure by taking a Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour or

aeroplane tour flight to get an aerial view of the area.


The area is a protected national monument in northern Arizona, and it is also a national park

(the first in the U.S.) and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The canyon's colours can be

attributed to the variegated colours of its rocks, the weathering of its layers, the flowing water

of its river, and the brilliant sunsets that grace it on clear nights.


The Colorado River is the only river that exists in the canyon. It flows from Lake Powell, a

reservoir on the Colorado River, which is connected to Lake Mead. It flows for 1,239 miles

(2,008 kilometres) from those two lakes before emptying into Mexico's Gulf of California. The

river sometimes freezes in the winter, especially at its lower end.


9) Niagara Falls Visit

There's no escaping that Niagara Falls is a great tourist attraction — but don't let that stop

you from visiting! The falls are in full view from the Canadian side of the river, where you'll

find great hotels and restaurants. You can even take a cruise to see the falls from the water.


These are not the typical tourist destinations that most people think of when planning a trip.

You will find these unique places, from the world-famous Taj Mahal to a sacred Buddhist

temple in Kyoto, Japan, to hidden caves and ancient ruins."

-Many travellers have planned their trips around visiting particular cities or countries. This

can be an exciting venture, but it doesn't represent everything human civilization offers.