DA1897-100 Zion Williamson x Air Jordan 34 “Noah” Basketball Shoes Coming On July 30thDA1897-100 Zion Williamson x Air J

DA1897-100 Zion Williamson x Air Jordan 34 “Noah” Basketball Shoes Coming On July 30th


Jordan Shoes Sale UK new champion Zion Williamson joining the Jordan Brand is naturally highly regarded, and the latest boots Air Jordan 34 PE color schemes are constantly emerging, which is super enviable!Zion's comeback in the middle of the season not only brought the New Orleans Pelicans, an otherwise unconcerned team, into focus, but also allowed the new generation of Air Jordan 34 to emerge in endlessly.
Recently, Air Max 270 was reported that a graffiti-dressed Zion Williamson x Air Jordan 34 PE color matching will usher in the market. It not only has a lively appearance, but also has good-quality packaging and accompanying accessories.The color matching is inspired by the graffiti paintings of Zion’s younger brother Noah. The overall white base is used to outline the details of the shoe body with colorful lines similar to crayon texture. The upper stitching is supplemented by the black brush strokes of the second element dress, and the light blue jelly outsole is finished.
Zion Williamson is helping New adidas Shoes new generation of players extend Jordan Brand’s storied legacy—but he’s not the only fresh face on the scene. Despite a sizable age gap, Zion’s little brother Noah is already a notable presence, with his magnetic smile making frequent appearances at games and media events. To commemorate the pair’s deep connection, this player-exclusive colorway takes inspiration from a multi-colored sketch Noah created during a meeting with our footwear design teams. That theme extends to the shoe’s packaging, as well as a unique coloring book that’s included with each pair.
2020 Air Force 1 Air Jordan 34 is fully decorated in a rainbow array of crayon scribbles with a note from this younger half-brother Noah. The shoes will also come packaged with a Jordan coloring book and a postcard featuring the brothers.as that is reflected in the insoles reading "To Zion" printed on the left shoe and "Love Noah" on the right, while the upper dons crayon scribbles throughout each panel. Adding to the theme, the shoe also bundled with a picture capturing the two brothers and an Air Jordan 34 coloring book.