Animal Crossing New Horizons Mystery Islands Playbook Guide - Basic 101 On Mystery Island

Tickets for Nook Miles that can be redeemed for Nook Miles. You can see a Nook Miles Island if you have a Fare in your wallet to visit Orville at the airport. Are you making the best of your time on the islands?


Islands of Secrets On these islands, you will find some interesting things. Of instance, the fun components are unusual spawns with a small probability of occurring. Apart from villager shooting, what specifically are these islands good for? Mystery islands are a new feature of New Horizons that can be explored using Animal Crossing. Tickets for Nook Miles that can be redeemed for Nook Miles. You can see a Nook Miles Island if you have a Fare in your wallet to visit Orville at the airport. Are you making the best of your time on the islands?

Each island has ACNH Items that may appear or have a probability of appearing. In one of the trees, there is still a wasp's nest. You'll have to rush around shaking them all, but it's a nice thing to get if you want any extra cash. You'll catch yourself staring at Wilbur rather than your island if you pass out from so many wasp stings. As a consequence, you don't have to be nervous about squandering your Nook Miles Ticket. Any island will also have one tree-based furniture piece. It'll take a couple shakes of the tree to reach it, but it's there. On islands like Bamboo Island, all wasps and furniture are inaccessible. The mystery island must have hardwood or cedar trees growing on it naturally. A 50 percent likelihood of a fossil being buried on the island and a note in a bottle emerging on the beach exists for each island.

So what about the actual islands? We know every potential island Wilbur will carry us to, as well as the likelihood of us winding up on that island, thanks to data miners. A lot of the knowledge you need to know about what island is accessible on the wiki. There are 18 in all, each with its own berries, flowers, leaves, bugs, and fish. You will have some interesting things on a couple of these islands. To access any of these islands, they'll need a pole vault, a staircase, and improved resident amenities, among other items.

- Tarantula Island - Tarantula Island is first on the list. This is a tarantula-infested island, as the name implies. They are limitless and can continue to spawn. Feel free to raise money by stuffing your pockets with these furry spiders. There is no need for a staircase, pole vault, or improved resident facilities, although it can only be visited once per day. When you depart, you won't be allowed to return until 5 a.m. the next day. Tarantula Island has a 2% probability of being discovered. For you to be able to visit the island, the spiders must be in season, and it must be evening, since tarantulas will only spawn after 7 p.m. A scorpion island is accessible during the months when Tarantulas are not available. It's only available during the months when scorpions are free to explore your island.

- Money Rock Island - Money Rock Island is another enjoyable island. This one isn't especially uncommon, with a spawn rate of just 5%. This island includes 5 rocks that are similar to your home island's money rock; when struck, they can drop the complete 16,100 bells, bringing you a total of 80,500 bells. This one can be found many times during the day. It's not the most efficient way to grind for bells, but if you're villager hunting or island hunting, it's worth taking the time to get the bells you like. You must first destroy the rock in the island's northwestern corner, which will drop further bells, and then pole vault south to the island's middle. You'll need a pole vault in your pocket to find this island. You can also purchase a shovel from Wilbur if you don't have one while on the island.

- Sister Fruit Island - If you're really new to the game and don't have any of the fruits, Sister Fruit Island is a good option. Every game has a sister fruit that isn't local to your island but can be found on mystery island tours. Fruit trees are abundant here, so stock up and grow some at home, or sell them for 500 bells each.

- Gold Rock Island - Last but not least, Gold Rock Island is one of the strongest islands. Instead of the normal mud, iron, and stone, this mystery island has a single rock in the center that, when struck, produces 8 gold nuggets. To even have a hope of arriving on this island, you must carry your ladder and vaulting pole. There is a 0.3 percent probability of discovering Gold Rock Island if you have those instruments in your hands.

Check out this wiki connect and Ninji's map guide for all the percent chances of locating each island as well as more detail. Since some spawn rates modified and islands were eliminated after the 1.2 Earth Day update, Ninji's is slightly out of date. If you're planning to use them, make a comparison of the material on the two pages. The wiki has been modified, but it does not present the details as well as Ninji's.

The developers did also delete two islands in the Earth Day update, speaking of removed islands. Both islands were hybrid flower islands, with hybrid forms of your sister's native flower on them. On these islands, the hybrids tended to be ideal genetic mutant flowers. They could be used to easily acquire the majority of the flower type's hybrids.