Nike Unveils Another New Air Max 90 Icon With Hot Lime

Nike Unveils Another New Air Max 90 Icon With Hot Lime


Since its debut in October 2019, Nike Air Force 1 Shadow has developed more and more creative color matching series. Added to the lineup is a pair of contrasting neon sun red and almost black teal green. Although these shadows are not actually used in most of the iconic layering elements of the shadows, a bold expectation is still realized. The base color of these shoes is all white smooth leather. The exaggerated overlay and layered eyelets are also covered in white, although in previous versions, these areas were often colored. Sun red and teal are only suitable for overlapping brand elements, including the side Swoosh logo. The red leather Swoosh logo on top of the green and the "AIR" heel overlay, while the heel label and tongue label see a teal gradation in another shade. These careful layouts strike a balance between the two bold hues to provide an unexpected color block design.

Air Jordan 1 Zoom CMFT staged a wonderful performance for the EU audience. Last week, this silhouette appeared in "Canyon Rust" and even "Pink Glass", and both films caused quite a stir. Now, 2020 Jordan Sneaker just a few days after landing, the area will also see the color of "London". The plan appropriately excludes overseas borders, as its name implies, paying tribute to the British capital. The moody, gray palette at the helm, the smooth and tumbling leather panels of the shades in dark and light fashion. The entire ballistic, indented Swoosh, after a darker change, its head, contrasting yellow, old-fashioned style mesh cloth, clothing tongue and collar. Elsewhere, as opposed to the "sail" midsole, the wings and the Zoom Air badge are full of saturated blue.

The OG color scheme released in 1991, Nike Air Max 90 Hot Lime will return to its original flavor this year. In 2003 and 2008, the couple returned to the EU market, and they finally made their debut in the broader international market. Similar to the adjacent OGs, the fenders contrast with other black buildings. The sole and tongue label are both white and neutral. Then, on top of the "Nike" logo on the tongue and the Swoosh logo on the side, the symbolic "hot lime" came into play, wearing parallel to the gray eyelet, shoe profile and midsole mold. For many years, hot limes were considered one of the best air max in the 90s. Due to the scarcity mentioned above, this pair of shoes is very scarce. Like the recently reissued Air Max 90 "Spruce Lime", they may have been in the vault a bit too long.