Informations About NBA 2K21 Next Gen New Patch

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Basketball City.The dress of Basketball City has become more festive now! It will be officially launched at 0 a.m. Buy NBA 2K MT at with cheap price and fast delivery! on Wednesday! Continue to optimize and improve the performance of Basketball City. The architecture / object / Terrain / lighting of Basketball City has been improved and strengthened

The function of inviting and joining friends in Basketball City has been further improved.Improve the process for players equipped with basketball or vehicles to enter the store

Try on function of independent stores in Basketball City can now be used correctly. The prestige multiples in the post match review will now be displayed correctly

Fix the problem that the balance will not be updated immediately when getting VC in multiple city activities. Continue to strengthen puma mania, Mobil 1, Kia challenge and weird Wednesdays

Repair the problem that the comprehensive evaluation in the review after the game can not correctly display the decile (will be stuck in 99.0)
Fix problems reported by players in garage shooting match and related process.Professional amateur mixed match / basketball center

New holiday jerseys for professional and amateur mixed match. New and updated jerseys for basketball center competition

Fixed player reported private match problem in professional amateur mixed match. Improve the ability of computer player as the supplementary player of professional amateur temporary player

Fix the problem of invisible collision under the basket in professional amateur mixed match. Fix the data tracking problem during the basketball center game

Fixed the problem that editing the shirt while the other players in the team are still playing in the professional amateur mixed match will cause the game to jam.Brilliant career
Continuously improve the position and behavior of the staff during the post game activities, especially the aspects related to the field interview. Now the body type of self created player will be stored separately when saving

Fixed the problem that the camera settings saved after pre game shooting practice will be reset in brilliant career games. Now you can skip the animation of your own players going to the bench when they are replaced

Fixed a rare problem that new tattoos disappear when changing the appearance of self created players. Fixed a rare stuck problem when customizing shots in the jump shot editor menu

 Fixed the difficulty reset problem after working out with Chris brickley. Fix the logic error in determining the performance of players' trial training and NBA team's private trial training

Fix the situation that the display time of the round review interface is too long in the dunk contest, which leads to the blocking of the dunk afterwards.Basketball League
Player DNA uploaded and rookies in the draft list uploaded can now keep tattoos. Pick the rookies who will now include the 2020 NBA draft starting from the playoffs

Fixed some player reports of jamming when trying to start a new basketball league with a custom lineup list. Fixed some players' reports of jamming when trying to download / apply the team design to the basketball league

The tattoo editing function of Basketball League online can be used correctly now. Fix a schedule problem in the basketball league online that causes many players' reviews to decrease over time

Fix several stability problems in Basketball League Online. When the excess cap rule is disabled, the contracts of released players will no longer be displayed on the cap

After editing a player's age, it will now continue to age. Player training and flexible schedules have been improved

No longer edit the ranking of players in the basketball league. Improve g League player generation to get a more realistic rookie pool