lucky lanterns rocket league 2021: release date, products and how to recompense lucky lanters

Rocket League Lucky Lanterns 2021


Cherry Blossom Boost: Get 3 Goals, Assists, or Saves in Online Matches.20K XP: Win 10 online matches (Repeatable).Painted Paper Dragon Goal Explosions (Item Shop)

Golden Lantern: Play 20 Online Matches (Repeatable 5 times).Dragon (Merc) Decal: Get 15 Assists, Clears or Centers in Online Matches


Ox Horn Topper: Play 3 Online Matches in any Casual playlist

Rocket League Lucky Lanterns 2021 Release Date and End Date

Two limited-time modes are offered along with Rocket League Lucky Lanterns 2021. During the Rocket League Lucky Lanterns event, Heatseeker mode 2v2 runs from February 11 to 22nd and the Super Cube 3v3 will run from February 22 to March 1

Super Cube is a goofy mode that messes with mutators and changes the shape of the Rocket League ball. The ball has been replaced by a cubic shape, and its maximum speed and bounciness have increased

Paper-Cut Wheels: Get 10 Goals in Online Matches.Dragon (Breakout) Decal: Earn MVP honors in an Online Match

Lucky Cat Topper: Win 1 Online Match in any Casual playlist.Lucky Devil Title: Get 10 Shots on Goal in Online Matches

Shen Avatar Border (free, Item Shop).Lantern Lift (Item Shop)
Rocket League Lucky Lanterns is a special event first introduced to the game in 2020 January to celebrate the Lunar New Year and Year of the Ox, this year, the game mode is returning with new rewards! Psyonix announced that the Lucky Lanterns event went live on February 11, 2021, and will end on March 1, 2021.
Lantern Lift Boost: Gain 2 XP Levels.Temple Guardian Player Banner: Get 3 Saves or Epic Saves in Online Matches

Rocket League Lucky Lanterns 2021 Golden Lanterns, also known as Golden Lanterns ‘21 is a special Rocket League crate that drops rocket league items of all rarities randomly, you also possibly get items from Velocity, Triumph, and Overdrive series. Play 20 online matches, you can get a Golden Lantern, there is a limit of five times for each player